Sutter Fine Woodwork


About Us

Sutter Fine woodwork was established by Allen Sutter, in Canmore, Alberta in 1990 and has developed a reputation for very high quality, excellent service and reasonable prices in both the commercial and residential markets from Vancouver to Calgary.  In 2005 the business was relocated to Invermere, British Columbia where we continue to provide customers with premium value.

We often work closely with architects and designers to implement their visions for commercial and residential projects and have established a good rapport with each of them. On other projects we develop the designs, in shop,  based upon the customer's requirements and preferences to deliver a truly custom  product.  Because we stand behind our work, each piece is meticulously crafted so that, once installed, we know it will give service and pleasure to the client for many years.

Sutter Fine Woodwork also makes custom furniture of timeless design and heirloom quality.  Chairs, tables, beds, storage cabinets and entertainment units, for instance, in a full range of styles from traditional, to rustic, to streamlined contemporary.  We use traditional joinery for the most part in creating these unique pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation.

When it comes to the building materials, environmental concerns are a key consideration.  Sutter Fine Woodwork uses non-toxic, formaldehyde-free materials, usually LEED certified.  This results in products that are healthy for the customer and healthy for the environment.

We have also developed a cabinet system for van conversions, at present for the Dodge and Mercedes Benz Sprinter models, which incorporates unique solutions, "green" materials, premium quality, maximum functionality, convenience and optimum durability.  The system is also easily removable and can be modified as the customer's requirements change.

Sutter Fine Woodwork delivers quality, service and value in every product.

"Traditional values in a modern world "